I’m back!!!


So two years ago I found out some wonderful news! We were having a baby!! And what a great two years that has been! I decided that it wasn’t the right time to get things going with my business…mainly as I was struggling with morning sickness at the time and as pregnancy went on it became harder to carry on with crafting and upholstery especially.

Pregnancy did bring one benefit…I was able to eat gluten and lactose again after not being able to manage any before! This was fantastic and I are lots of cake! Haha! I am back to cutting out gluten again as although I can now manage to eat it I still feel the bloat so am minimizing the amount in my diet.

Anyway fast forward to 2019 and I am finally about to embark on launching my Etsy shop this year. Isaac is now 16months old and I have had so much fun with him at baby classes and now toddler groups, but also want to do something for me and hopefully you will also love some of my crafting too! I will be making card holders and also party decorations too as well as starting some more Upholstery projects.

So as well as foodie inspiration look out for lots of baby related posts too. I hope you enjoy this blog alongside my products.



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